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Live Performance Ticketing

You have options when it comes to ticketing for your performances.

You can allow your buyers to select their assigned seats, or select a number of tickets and choose their seats on show day.

Your choice!

Assigned Seating

Buyers select specific seats to save time and avoid long lines on show day.
  • Send DRT a copy of your venue's seating diagram.
  • DRT makes an interactive map for your buyers to select seats.
  • Buyers select their specific seats or seats in real-time once sales start.

What will DRT Need to get Started With Ticketing?

Simply send DRT a copy of your venue's seating diagram with the section, row, and seat labels shown. Also, make sure spaces designated for wheelchairs are listed!

Get Started With DRT

Reserved Seats + DRT's Social Distancing Tool

Since the pandemic, DRT has created a NEW Social Distancing Tool, which gives YOU control over social distancing guidelines.

Learn More About Social Distancing

General Seating

Buyers select a quantity of tickets instead of choosing from a chart.
  • Set a total limit of tickets that can be sold to your show.
  • Buyers select only a quantity of tickets, and they choose their seats on show day.
  • No seating diagram required!


Let DRT know the max capacity of the venue and how many wheelchairs can be accommodated in the venue. No seating chart is needed!

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General Seating +
Social Distancing

DRT will reduce capacity to uphold your venue's requirements. Ensure you have proper social distancing guidelines posted and staff available to ensure your guests are seated within your venue's guidelines.

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